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General Questions

What areas do you service?

We are proud to service Downtown Vancouver, East Vancouver, Mount Pleasant, and Olympic Village (and all areas in between).

What is Force Free?

Force Free is a scientifically-proven way of engaging with and handling/training animals. This mean that instead of using aversive methods to “control” an animal, we use food, praise, toys, affection, etc. to reinforce the positive behaviours we want to see and change the ones we want to change. Examples of aversive tools are choke/prong/shock collars, spray bottles, physical/verbal abuse (Caesar Millan-style collar popping, heel taps, pinning), dominance theory, alpha theory, and so much more! Reach out if you have questions or are interested in making the switch to Force Free!

What is the cancellation policy?

Same day cancellations may be charged the full rate, unless inclement weather or an emergency has come up.

Requirements for dog care?

City tags and up to date vaccines for your dogs age group and medical status.

How is communication handled?

We use encrypted Whatsapp group chats to easily communicate and share pictures with all involved in your dog's time with us. Walkers, managers, and all pet owners in one chat makes it easy to adjust timing, share successes, send updates after the walks, and ensure that everyone has everyone else’s contact information in case of an emergency.

Besides dogs, what other pets do you provide care for?

We love pets of all shapes and species! We have extensive experience with cats, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, bearded dragons, geckos, and budgies. If you have a pet we haven’t cared for yet, you can rest assured that we will read up on all the latest Advanced Husbandry discourse so that we are providing the absolute best care possible!

What happens if my pet gets injured?

If it is a small injury, you will be our first call. If anything needs veterinary attention, we will take your dog there immediately. Most of our walkers are Pet First Aid certified (the rest will be soon!) and we always know where the nearest emergency vet is. We recommend having pet insurance to cover any unexpected illnesses and injuries, though we will always do our absolute best to keep your pet safe.

What certifications does your team have?

We are fully insured, bonded, and licensed, and our team has gone through background checks, extensive training, and most are Pet First Aid certified through Dog Safe (the ones who aren't yet certified will be soon).


Why so many options for dog walks?

We believe that all dogs are unique and their needs are too! Customizing the services to your specific dog ensures a fun, engaging experience, and a long-lasting bond between your dog and their walker.

Where will my dog be walked?

Currently all of our walks are neighborhood walks, which means we will head to the parks and pet-friendly spaces in your vicinity. We believe in making dogs more confident in their urban “backyard” and encourage engagement while keeping the dog below their individual threshold for overstimulation or reactivity.

How long will my dog be walked for?

The length of walk depends on which service you pick. Your walk start time begins when your walker arrives at your door. Delays to building access may reduce the amount of time your dog gets outside, as we have a busy schedule to maintain.

What is your weather policy?

Let’s face it: Vancouver gets a lot of rain. We don’t let it bother us, and most dogs learn to love it too! We have full rain gear to keep ourselves dry, and recommend dogs have raincoats that they are comfortable wearing to ensure a low rate of service disruption. If your dog is really averse to walking in the rain, then we will do a short potty break outside before playing brain games inside for the remainder of the service length. Extreme rain/snow/heat will be cancelled without fee on a case by case basis. Safety is our main concern, always!

Boarding/Pet Sitting

Will my dog be boarded with other dogs?

No, all boarding is private to ensure everyone’s safety and maximize the snuggles!

What kind of exercise will my dog get?

We do our best to stick to your dog's normal exercise routine, though sometimes we get carried away with excitement and truly spoil your dog with extra long adventures!

What if my pet gets sick while I am away?

We will communicate any changes in your pet's behaviour, and any injuries or illness. Emergencies will be taken directly to an emergency vet if your preferred vet is unavailable.

What do I need to bring with my pet for boarding?

Please bring your pets food, preferred treats, favourite toys, bed/crate, and collar/leash/harness. There may be specific requirements for pets other than cats/dogs.

Are there specific times for drop off/pick up?

Though we do our best to be flexible, we may not be available between 10-4 for pick up/drop off, depending on our walk schedule. Please talk to your sitter for specifics.

Are you able to administer medication?

Yes, some of our sitters are comfortable with administering medication, and we will always require a demonstration and explicit written instructions to ensure seamless care.

Where will my pet sleep at night?

Your pet is considered part of our family, and will sleep wherever they are comfortable and safe; we like to let them choose! Small animals and reptiles will be in their enclosures at night for safety and consistency of care.

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