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Private Walks

For the dog that needs individual attention, whatever the reason. Shy, anxious, over-excited, reactive; we love them all and will help nurture a safe and engaging experience with the world around them while keeping them below threshold.

*Additional dogs from the same household are an extra $10 on any service

Group Walks

Currently taking new clients in East Van. Email us for more info.

Potty Breaks (Puppies and Seniors only)

For the days you have to be away from the house longer than your furry friend can “hold it”. Potty Breaks are full of positive interactions and fun just like the full length walks. When puppies are still learning bladder control, frequent potty breaks are essential!

Pet Sitting/Boarding

Whether you are away for one night or a multi-week vacation, you can sleep well knowing your dog is in great hands. Our goal is to keep your dogs’ normal schedule as much as possible while giving them plenty of fun activities to engage both their body and their brain, in order to make the most of their staycation. We send daily updates and pictures and keep in touch 100% of the way. Discounts for longer stays and active walking clients may be applicable; please contact us to enquire.

*Additional dogs from the same household are an extra $10 per night

Pet Sitting

Regardless of your pet’s breed, age or behavior, each of my services can be curated to fit their specific needs — no matter how unique. My Pet Sitting service is one of my specialties and is often booked well in advance.


Cat Visits

$25 for 30mins  |  $45 for 2x 30mins daily

Not all cats thrive in new environments or in kennels, so our daily visit service is for them! We can provide 1-2 daily visits for a dose of affection with a food/water/litter check, and in many cases we can administer medication as needed.

Cat Sitting

$80 per night

Want someone to stay at your home while you are away and keep things safe while still providing lots of love for your kitty? Then our Overnight option is for you! Some of our sitters work remotely, so they will be available all day long to give your cat the attention it deserves.

Visits for Small Animals/Reptiles/Birds

$25 for 30mins  |  $45 for 2x 30mins (same day)

We have lots of experience caring for small animals and commonly kept reptiles, and depending on the set up we can board them in our home, or visit daily. Contact us for customized care!

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